Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grandma's Old Tale PT.2

Grandma called out for Samantha, but she never answered back, Grandma thought she was playing a joke so she started to look around the trees, still calling out in hopes to hear her friend call back.

"Sam please! Come out! It's not funny..."

Hugging onto the ball, Grandma began to cry, standing on the path waiting for Sam, now begging her to show herself. "Sam?"

Suddenly a something moved in the tall grass behind her, dropping the ball and rushing over, she pushed the grass from her view. But again she was face to face to nothing, just the grass and the dirt it sprouted from. Grandma continued to cry, her sobbing sending some birds in the trees above her to take flight.

Then, again behind her something moved in the grass. Determined to catch Sam, Grandma shot around and dashed for the grass, stopping short on the path, staring down where the blue ball once was. A feeling then shot through Grandma, the feeling that she needed to run home as fast as she could, even if it was just Sam playing a joke it was starting to scare her now. Besides if she ran home, Sam would have no other choice but her follow her, right?

"Sam! I'm telling on you! So you better come out now!" She shouted at the top of her lungs, turning and dashing down the path towards her house.

Running as fast as her little legs could carry her, mustering all of her strength so she could make it home and be safe. She ran, and ran, and ran, but she soon noticed it was taking too long, the path looked different. The sky started to grow dark over the tree's and still she ran, the rustling in the grass chasing close behind her, only making her push herself faster down the path. Soon she could see a small clearing at the end of the path, she was home and she was going to be okay.

"FATHER! FATHER!" Grandma screamed, dashing out into the clearing and falling to her knees crying with fear. "Father come here please!" her body shook as she tried to catch her breath, looking around was hard, she was dizzy. But something was wrong.

Her house wasn't there, her father never came. She heard water.

Running water. And then she knew, she was at the river.


Grandma's Old Tale PT.1

When I was little, Grandma used to tell me the same story everytime I went to visit. I didn't know why she did it back then, I used to think it was because she was old and forgot she told me.

It was about her and her friend Samantha, who where playing in the backyard of Grandma's house with a bright blue ball. Samantha had just gotten it for her birthday not a day before and thought where better to play with it than my Grandmothers yard. It was big with lots of trees, and a path that eventually lead into a thick forest, and if you went far enough, you'd find a little river flowing down the middle.

She said that Samantha loved it back there, and was always playing around there when she could. But their parents didn't like that very much and scolded them everytime they where caught playing in the forest. But this time, Grandma had promised to only play in the yard. But just like any other day, Samantha had talked her into it.
  "Come on!" Sam said as she pulled Grandma towards the trees. "I just want to go in for a little bit, come on!" she begged, pulling her along until the two stood in the woods, and Samantha took off down the path.

  "Let's see if we can kick the ball over the trees!"

Grandma couldn't resist. "I bet I can!" She called out, chasing after Samantha further down the path.

Soon the two got to a clearing where the trees towered high over them, reaching far into the sky. Giggling the two started to kick the ball at the large trees, trying to kick them over. But of course the ball fell short everytime but the two didn't mind, they where having to much fun. But eventually, Grandma kicked the ball over a short tree and it rolled into a patch of trees and tall grass.

  "Did you see that Sam?" Grandma giggled as she ran over to pluck the ball from the tall grass, fumbling around for a minute or two feeling victorious. "I kicked it Sam! Right over a tree did you see!?" Grandma kept calling out, turning to look over at her friend once she had found the ball, the smile fading from her face once she saw why Sam didn't reply.

Sam wasn't there.